Regarding your Privacy and GDPR


Incrashop makes use of Cookies to recognize a visitor. Cookes are required to make the web shop functional. The basic webshop functionality requires the storage of information such as the products in the shopping cart, the wish list and other information that is needed to make it operational.
However, the visitor is requested to agree on the use of cookies, and only if he agrees, the cookies will be used and linked to internal information.

Information that is stored for a visitor

  • Newsletters
    When a visitor likes to receive a newsletter, he can opt-in to receive the newsletter. Incrashop never adds a visitor to the newsletter subscription list without explicit permission, even when an order is made. However it is possible for the website owner to add and delete people on the subscription list, for example as per request by e-mail.
  • History
    We keep history of visitors, including which pages he or she visits in the web shop. This is done for statistical and functinal purposes, such as the wish-list and shopping cart. Statistical data is only kept for a short time (typically between 2 and 4 weeks). Wish list and shopping carts may be kept longer.
  • Customer account
    When the user creates an account, the data entered will be stored. This includes basic information such as name, e-mail, and address. The user can see and change his personal customer data.
  • Order information

    All information related to placed orders is stored, including the delivery and shipping address, the items that are ordered and the prices of the order. This is required by law.

  • Passwords
  • When you create an account, you have a password. We need to store the password to be able to grant you access to your information. However, we store the passwords only in an encrypted (hashed) manner and are not able to see them ourselves or restore them. We are able to reset a password to a new password when the user requests it or when he has forgotten his password. The visitor is responsible for choosing a strong password.

  • Credit Card data is not stored

Sharing of personal information

We don't sell or share your information to any third parties, except for some obvious purposes.

  • Details of payment are shared with the payment provider that you use when making a payment (for example Paypal, or your own bank). Communication with payment providers is done over a secure connection.
  • E-mails are sent using a 3rd party cloud e-mail provider. However the e-mail is sent over a secured and encrypted connection.
  • Data is securely stored in the cloud. This data is not indexed or read by any other party or used for any other purposes.
  • The web shop owner may use additional software like accounting software that stores some data.
  • The name and address data is given to a shipping provider (for example PostNL, DHL or Deutsche Post) in order to enable them to ship the package to the given address.
  • The web shop owner may use additional software like accounting software that stores some data.

The right to be forgotten

  • Personal statistical information (e.g. web activity) is not kept for very long and will therefore be 'forgotten' automatically.
  • Webshop statistical information (e.g. sales figures) is based on anonymized data.
  • A customer account can be deleted. Account deletion will cause the all addresses, wish-lists and cart data to be permanently deleted.
  • Users can opt-out on receiving newsletters. In that case the e-mail address is forgotten.
  • Order history cannot be deleted, as it is required by law to keep that information for tax audits.