Return Policy

We care a lot about the quality of our products. Yet, it can happen that a product does not meet your expectations or that the product is malfunctioning. On this page, you can read what the warranty conditions are, and what return policy applies.


The basic principle of the warranty offered, is that you are a happy customer. This means that we offer life-time warranty on the products. In practice it means that the warranty extends to the life-time of the product. Once it is obsolete, warranty ends.

Malfunctioning within the 1st month after shipment

No matter how much care we put in the build quality of the products, statistically there are always early production-related failures. Products that fail within one month after shipment will be replaced by a new instance of the product. For customers in the EU, we (seller) pay for the return shipment, as well as the shipping cost for getting the new product back to you. The return-service of Deutsche Post is used for this. A return label can be requested, and you are required to use this return label to ship the product back. For customers outside of the EU, no such service from Deutsche Post exists. We refund the return shipment cost up to € 15. Buyer needs to provide proof of shipping cost in this case.

Malfunctioning within the first 2 years after shipment

If the product fails to work properly within the first two years after shipment, the buyer is entitled to have the product repaired. We decide whether to repair or replace the product. The buyer is responsible for the shipment costs back to seller. We will repair / replace the unit without cost, and send the product back at our expense. So you only pay for the shipment back to us. In some cases it may be worthwhile to request a return label; this may be cheaper than sending it back with the local postal service.

Malfunctioning after 2 years after shipment

Lifetime warranty still applies. We will repair the unit without cost, if it can be repaired. Shipping costs involved in both directions are at the expense of the buyer. If the product cannot be repaired, agreements will be made on a case by case basis.


Refunds are only possible when the purchased product is returned within 14 days after you receive your product. No reason needs to be given. This is in accordance with EU law. The client is entitled to a full refund, including the initial shipping cost, if the package is received in good condition and complete. However, the buyer pays for the shipment back to seller. The refund is issued no later than 7 days after we have received the product. We have the right to deduct costs that are incurred when receiving the package; i.e. if the package was wrongly stamped, not declared as a "return item", etc Packages returned under "Cash on Delivery" will be refused under all circumstances.

Note: PayPal does no longer refund the transaction fee when an order is refunded. Unfortunately this means that we cannot refund the Paypal fee to you when we refund your purchase.

All Returns

When you are outside of the EU, always mark your returns as 'returned item'! More often than not, it happens that when an item is returned to me from outside of the EU, I have to pay import taxes and customs fees, as if I had bought my own item from you. Under no circumstance I will be liable for these costs, because they can easily be avoided by marking the package correctly.


  • Warranty and refunds do not apply when the product is returned with marks of misuse.
  • Warranty and refunds do not apply when the product is damaged by external factors at the customer's site.
  • Warranty is void when user applies custom firmware, and bricks the device.
  • There is no warranty on the correctness of the firmware. In other words: software bugs are explicitly excluded from warranty.