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Last updated: 2021-04-20

Status of the Project

Covid-19 News

Covid-19 sadly affects the life of mankind all over the world. Some people have been hit hard personally, either health wise or economically. Many people, including myself work from home, and try to balance work hours with the care for kids and household chores. The current situation also has influence on the handling of orders of the Ultimate64 webshop. I try to ship whatever I can ship. The shipping interval is now roughly 2 weeks.

The issue that Deutsche Post does not ship to Australia and New Zealand seems to be solved. The portal accepts shipments to these regions again.


The Ultimate-II+ hardware is stable and in full production. Every few months a new production batch is started, that matches with the demand. In detail:

  • Boards: BACK IN STOCK. Albeit a bit later than expected, the boards have been received on April 13. Shipping has resumed.
  • Plastic Cases: On stock. This includes the new colors Yesterday's Yellow, Perky Purple, Creepy Cream, and Basal Beige.
  • IEC cables: On Stock

Tape Adapters

Stock depleted.. < 5 left.


Current board version is 1.4a. No further changes were made since the beginning of 2020. Also the non-Elite boards are now fully jumper-less. Voltage and filters for the SID sockets are set automatically for both the Standard and the Elite versions.

  • A new batch of 500 pcs Ultimate-64 Elite is going through the production cycle and is delivered to me in parts. The last 60 pieces were recently received and are now to be allocated to existing orders.
  • Component purchase for another 500 pcs has started... Component lead times are now exceeding 30 weeks. As a result, it is very likely that there will be no new stock of U64 Elite boards anymore in 2021.

Speaker for Drive Sounds for U64

Sufficient stock of the speakers for the U64 for current accessory orders.

U64 User Port Extension

A new version of the U64 UserPort Adapter has arrived from the factory, which includes the 9VAC fix and a 5V power-on delay fix.

U64 / U64 Elite Badges

A new sub-category of accessories has been added to the store, where you can find "badges": high quality stickers with domed cover. These are designed and produced by Marco v/d Meulenhof. I have a bunch of each type on stock. Preferably ordered together with the U64 / U64E, to avoid unnecessary shipping cost.

Personal notes

Sometimes updates and communication is a bit slow. I do my best to respond properly to questions and problems. In this, I think the response to customer problems should take priority over new sales and shipments. Then, there is the software development, which includes bug-solving. As an engineer, I have the tendency to give my soul to it, ... which sometimes means that planning issues, or rather: planning questions remain unanswered for some time. My apologies for this. I know it can be frustrating when individual questions regarding orders and planning are not answered. However, in the bigger picture, I do try to keep pushing everything forward. I do keep an eye on the dates, and try to order on time, and supply the data and answers to questions from the different factories involved.