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Last updated: 2019-03-29

Status of the Project


The Ultimate-II+ hardware is stable and in full production. Every few months a new production batch is started, that matches with the demand.

The next production batch is expected to be ready around the end of April 2019, or first week of May 2019. This production batch is a little bigger than before and will likely last until the end 2019. Thus, all current orders and many coming orders can be satisfied with this production batch.

Tape Adapters

The next batch of tape adapters will be ready for dispatch in the last week of March 2019.


  • The very first production boards have been shipped in April and May 2018. These are V1.1 boards, about 110 pieces.
  • EMC tests have been carried out on these first production boards, and the Ultimate-64 has passed these tests with flying colors. Yey!
  • The production of the first batch of V1.2 boards is finished, and all 420 boards from this production batch have been shipped in October 2018.
  • The third production batch (Also V1.2 boards) has finished by the end of 2018, and most of the 540 boards from this production batch were shipped out in December 2018 and January 2019. Some boards were kept for possible lost packages and repairs. Fortunately not many of these boards were needed and the remainder will dispatch soon to satisfy remaining orders.

Latest information:
  • Purchase of material for the first 2019 batch has already started in November 2018. Again, material is purchased for yet another 540 boards.
  • The material is complete in week 10, that's the coming week. Then assembly will start.
  • The assembly of only 300 of these "Batch 4" boards is estimated to complete by the half of April, and will ship from the second half of April; right after they arrive at my place.
  • The remaining set of 240 parts will be used for the production of the first batch U64 Elite boards. These boards will not be done before somewhere in June.
  • The planning for the shipments is still ongoing. Because of the introduction of the U64 Elite, there are many order shifts which have to be processed. I have a script that tells me what is the last order number that can be served. Please note that this is the "worst case scenario", which means that in this list are also orders that may be moved to U64E, orders of which the payment has failed, and may have been abandoned, etc:
    • 100 182275
    • 200 182545
    • 300 190146 <-- up to here for the April batch
    • 400 190420
    So, basically, the more orders shift from U64 to U64E (June ~~), the higher the order #s will be that can be served from the standard production batch that is supposed to be done in April. I will try to update this little table once a week or so.

Speaker for Drive Sounds for U64

The speaker for the U64 for the drive sounds is currently in production; 400 pieces in total. They will be finished together with the tape adapters for the U2+, thus by the last week of March 2019. On time for the shipments of "Batch 4" U64 boards.

U64 User Port Extension

The User Port extension for the U64 is delayed, due to having insufficient time to investigate the 9VAC generator on this little board. I hope I can finalize this by this coming Tuesday. Then, mass production of this little board can start. Usually takes 5 weeks to complete. Update:The technical issues have been validated and the board is now on order.

Personal notes

Sometimes updates and communication is a bit slow. I do my best to respond properly to questions and problems. In this, I think the response to customer problems should take priority over new sales and shipments. Then, there is the software development, which includes bug-solving. As an engineer, I have the tendency to give my soul to it, ... which sometimes means that planning issues, or rather: planning questions remain unanswered for some time. My apologies for this. I know it can be frustrating when individual questions regarding orders and planning are not answered. However, in the bigger picture, I do try to keep pushing everything forward. I do keep an eye on the dates, and try to order on time, and supply the data and answers to questions from the different factories involved.