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A masterpiece! Simply as that by Truss / Kurt Pedersen

(Posted on 29-oct-2018 22:40)

Ultimate64 Elite-II

"*** To review the U64 with all it's options is something near impossible in here, unless you want to read several pages, so I've decided to mention some of the features I love with it *** With the 1541U built in to the U64, getting games on the system are so easy, anyone can find their childhood memories on the net, (legally) . Most people have a USB stick lying around, so filling it up with D64, TAP or G64 images is just a matter of what types of stuff you like, be it games, demos or magazines... The U64 takes all the games I've tested with it (Turrican among *alot* of others) and in HDMI mode the screen stands crystal clear on my 49" TV. -As stated elsewhere, you wont go back the an original C64 system after using the U64. There's alot of things to change, so you can personalize it in many ways. The U64 is so easy to use, and if you set it up using an Action Replay MK 6, the load times are acceptable. The U64 also have the ability to use an external 1541, cartridges and a Datasette if you ever need it. The sound in the U64 surprises me quite a bit. The SID 8580 (The one I prefer) sounds really good. -So does the 6581. It's like getting a new C64 with future options (USB) and still having the ability to use the Datasette and 1541 disksdrives. All in all, if you're a C64 fanatic like me, the U64 is a MUST BUY !!! -You will never regret it"