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Truly the ULTIMATE Commodore 64 by COREi64

(Posted on 09-jan-2019 15:28)

Ultimate64 Elite-II

"When I first heard about Gideons plans, I was excited about the prospects of an FPGA solution to a replacement of the aging Commodore 64 mainboard. Fast forward to the day I received my Ultimate 64, I have to genuinely say this is THE MOST significant piece of hardware to emerge since the CMD peripherals of the 90's. The realization of Gideon's vision of an FPGA mainboard is simply stunning. From the wonderful implementation of the original ports, to dual SID's and significantly, the integration of his Ultimate II+, this is quite simply a bargain that should not be missed. To completely appreciate it you should experience it for yourself. Thank-you Gideon for bringing this work of art to the world!"