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Everything you'll ever need to enhance the joy of your C64 by DWestbury

(Posted on 10-apr-2022 22:43)

Ultimate-II+L Cartridge (Black)

"Adding a UII+ cart to your C64 is like opening the door into the full universe of what's possible with that amazing little retro computer. The ability to fit every disk or tape image you've ever heard of onto a USB stick, then load them either instantly (via DMA) or by using the speed-loader of your choice (RetroReplay anyone?) is like a breath of fresh air. Bygone are the days of waiting for load times. Then there's the REU, which very few people ever had the chance to play with back in the heyday. Now you can access huge libraries of NuVIE movies and Breadamp full length digi tracks, as well as amazing new titles like Sonic!! The on-screen menu system is SUPER simple to use and navigate your way through for finding files and changing settings. It's way better than those tiny little OLEDs that other solutions offer. And auditioning SID tracks has never been easier, just locate them in your directory and hit enter to enjoy. What's not to love??"