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Ultimate 64 Elite

What is it?! This board is a hardware implementation (FPGA) of the entire C64, and it includes the Ultimate-II+ as well. An ALL IN ONE solution!

Questions you may ask:

  • What is the difference between the "Elite" the "regular" Ultimate-64?
    • The Elite version has ZIF sockets with gold plated contacts for the SID chips, and the board is completely jumperless.
    • An additional difference is that the unit has a boxed (shrouded) header for the UserPort expansion, which reduces the risk of shorting the 12V line to a data line and blowing up the U64 board.
    • The color of the board is black.
    • New:The "U64-E" will have a joystick swap switch, so port 1 and 2 can be swapped easily.
  • Jumperless? Does that mean that the Ultimate detects the type of the SID chip inserted?
  • Yes, this is correct.
  • What if it accidentally detects my 8580 as 6581, and give it 12V power? It will blow up my 8580!
  • The detection is based on a logical timing difference between the two chips, not on an analog property, so the detection is pretty solid. It is the same detection mechanism as present in the SID player. On top of this: The Elite version comes with an extra safeguard. The 6581 type needs to be confirmed in the configuration. So only if the SID in the socket is detected as a 6581 AND the socket is 'enabled', then the 12V will be applied. When a 6581 is detected for the first time, the socket is disabled automatically.
  • Does it require a different firmware than the current "1.2" board?
  • No, it runs the same firmware.
  • Are the sockets really going to be blue?
  • No, on the prototypes they are green, but on the final boards they are black. They are only blue in the rendered image from the PCB design tool.

Customer Reviews

(Posted on 06-nov-2019 17:10)


I have the Ultimate 64 Elite a couple of months now….and i love it. With the HDMI cable..i have crystal clear graphics on my big screen. I don't use real sid's on the moment...but the fpga sid sounds i don't really miss them. And with the ultimate II+ onboard you'll have the cartridge slot free. This is really a must buy for a C64 fan.

(Posted on 06-sep-2019 15:45)


Emulators are good, but this is the REAL thing reborn, with many bonuses. Not only I could run many games and demos from the old days, but I also could play SID music from my PC, through Acid 64 Player or jsidplay2, and listen to it through a real SID. I installed both SID versions, the 6581 and the 8580, and U64E recognized both. Having the Ultimate II+ included is very good. Those ZIF sockets, however, are kinda pain in the ass; I had to reopen four times my case and put SID chips in place again before having them get the grip. This is the only downside I found in this great product.

(Posted on 27-jul-2019 15:50)


Got my Elite, but my case hadn’t arrived, but I couldn’t wait. USB keyboard out and ran her naked. Absolutely fabulous piece of kit and well worth the wait. Still figuring out the settings, but managed to get the Ethernet working to transfer files, and made my own ROM with my name on the main screen. C64C arrived this morning, so using the sunshine I was outside cleaning all the keys and case, and a dab of ‘Sun In’ to retrobrite it up. All installed now and put together, just need a new LED as the header is on the other side of the board so the original won’t reach. Should be here next week. Well worth the wait, thanks Gideon

(Posted on 24-jan-2019 23:39)

This the best C64 I've ever had! Compatible, comfortable and affordable - the only logic replacement for the dying C64 hardware. It's a plug and play job - plug it into your old C64 case, connect the keyboard and off we go - PLAY! Oh no, wait - there is a little configuration to do, right but only for the first time. Then you just switch it on and enjoy. The brilliant display brings memories back, the Sid emulator is good enough for me and the Ultimate software (you learned to love using the Ultimate 1541) lets you enjoy the new simplicity. So far all demos and games worked without problems. I love this outstanding hardware, thanks!

(Posted on 09-jan-2019 15:28)

When I first heard about Gideons plans, I was excited about the prospects of an FPGA solution to a replacement of the aging Commodore 64 mainboard. Fast forward to the day I received my Ultimate 64, I have to genuinely say this is THE MOST significant piece of hardware to emerge since the CMD peripherals of the 90's. The realization of Gideon's vision of an FPGA mainboard is simply stunning. From the wonderful implementation of the original ports, to dual SID's and significantly, the integration of his Ultimate II+, this is quite simply a bargain that should not be missed. To completely appreciate it you should experience it for yourself. Thank-you Gideon for bringing this work of art to the world!

(Posted on 29-oct-2018 22:40)

*** To review the U64 with all it's options is something near impossible in here, unless you want to read several pages, so I've decided to mention some of the features I love with it *** With the 1541U built in to the U64, getting games on the system are so easy, anyone can find their childhood memories on the net, (legally) . Most people have a USB stick lying around, so filling it up with D64, TAP or G64 images is just a matter of what types of stuff you like, be it games, demos or magazines... The U64 takes all the games I've tested with it (Turrican among *alot* of others) and in HDMI mode the screen stands crystal clear on my 49" TV. -As stated elsewhere, you wont go back the an original C64 system after using the U64. There's alot of things to change, so you can personalize it in many ways. The U64 is so easy to use, and if you set it up using an Action Replay MK 6, the load times are acceptable. The U64 also have the ability to use an external 1541, cartridges and a Datasette if you ever need it. The sound in the U64 surprises me quite a bit. The SID 8580 (The one I prefer) sounds really good. -So does the 6581. It's like getting a new C64 with future options (USB) and still having the ability to use the Datasette and 1541 disksdrives. All in all, if you're a C64 fanatic like me, the U64 is a MUST BUY !!! -You will never regret it

(Posted on 01-may-2018 20:52)

It's obvious, even if our old 8bits computers have a great lifetime, they will soon die, just because they are not manufactured anymore. So FPGA is obviously the only alternative to dying hardware. And this is where the Ultimate 64 is a true impressive product for getting a brand new C64 up and running. Plug the Ultimate 64 in your old c64 case and attach the original keyboard to it, and you're in. In addition to this, The ultimate 64 combines all the great features coming from the ultimate 1541. The manufacturing quality is really impressive, the support is great, and it's just so easy to use it. Thanks for this masterpiece Gideon !!!

(Posted on 01-may-2018 20:43)

Awesome machine! The display is brilliant you want no turning back to an old c64. Also the sid over HDMI is pretty well done! Also for the audio freaks there is an header to take directly the signal from the analog sid. I want to buy a second one!

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