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Ultimate-64-Elite MK2


Ultimate 64 Elite - MK2

What is it?! This board is a hardware implementation (FPGA) of the entire C64, and it includes the Ultimate-II+ as well. An ALL IN ONE solution!

Due to the poor availability of the Intel FPGA that is present on the original Ultimate 64 and Ultimate 64 Elite boards, a new board is being developed. The final price is not yet known, but it will be in the same range as the original. It will *not* be exactly the same as the U64E but the feature list will be very similar. More information follows at a later date. This item in the webshop has been created to allow customers to sign up for a board.

Questions you may ask:

  • What is the difference between the "Elite" the "regular" Ultimate-64?
    • The Elite version has ZIF sockets for the SID chips, and the board is completely jumperless.
    • An additional difference is that the unit has a boxed (shrouded) header for the UserPort expansion, which reduces the risk of shorting the 12V line to a data line and blowing up the U64 board.
    • The color of the board is black.
    • New:The "U64-E" will have a joystick swap switch, so port 1 and 2 can be swapped easily.
  • Jumperless? Does that mean that the Ultimate detects the type of the SID chip inserted?
  • Yes, this is correct.
  • What if it accidentally detects my 8580 as 6581, and give it 12V power? It will blow up my 8580!
  • The detection is based on a logical timing difference between the two chips, not on an analog property, so the detection is pretty solid. It is the same detection mechanism as present in the SID player. On top of this: The Elite version comes with an extra safeguard. The 6581 type needs to be confirmed in the configuration. So only if the SID in the socket is detected as a 6581 AND the socket is 'enabled', then the 12V will be applied. When a 6581 is detected for the first time, the socket is disabled automatically.
  • Does it require a different firmware than the current "1.2" board?
  • No, it runs the same firmware.
  • Are the sockets really going to be blue?
  • No, on the prototypes they are green, but on the final boards they are black. They are only blue in the rendered image from the PCB design tool.

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